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– Tianna Galgano


  • You will experience profound methods and meditations to achieve spiritual mastery in just five to ten minutes a day—whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for awhile.How to Meet Your SPIRIT GUIDES, ANGELS, and POWER ANIMALS
  • You will learn how to meet numerous types of spirit guides; how to ask good questions; different ways to interact with guides; and, meditations that work for children as young as age five.
  • Get specific exercises to connect you with your “Voice of Intuition” so you can enhance intuitive ability and interact with your intuition.

Tianna Galgano – about me

Author, Speaker,  Dream Interpretation Mastery Coach, Dream Interpretation Workshop Host Being professionally trained in NLP and Shamanism enabled me to work effectively on therapeutic levels of dreamwork in my private practice of 26 years; and to develop a system that demystifies the dream state, and unlocks the power of dreams for anyone wanting to understand and use their dreams for life transformation. (more)  

First Book

Decipher Your Dreams Decipher Your Life

Description: Two decades of research led to discoveries never before published in a book. Tianna has rekindled “ancient” intuitive methods of decoding the mysteries of symbolism. The dream decipher interpretation process is quick and easy. Decipher techniques also help you find hidden causes of pain, illness, emotional distress, and accidents.  

future plans

Finishing up my soon-to-be-published book, SHAMANIC DREAMING – A Practical Guide for Healing Yourself and Helping Others While You Sleep.This will be a practical guide for learning the art of Shamanic dreaming, and will include the exact techniques you will need for using Shamanic dreaming for healing yourself, family members, friends, and the world.

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